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Education is by far the most important opportunity that a country can give to its citizens. Similarly, better educated citizens are the most valuable resource that a country can have. Education is the only weapon that frees a nation from the shackles of poverty, ignorance and backwardness.

Tima’ade University, as a young public university, is the hope for millions of people. The leaders, faculty and every member of the university have historical and moral responsibility to endeavor as best as they can for the everyday betterment of the quality of education we deliver.

Indeed many are the challenges and huge is the burden. The Office of the Academic Vice President believes that it is possible to overcome the challenges and ease the burden through focused hard work, perseverance, transparency and engagement of all. I call upon everyone to think creatively, move beyond the routine and bring out her/his potential to make a difference.

No effort is worthless, no contribution is too little.

I am pleased to welcome you to Tima’ade University, Gabiley Campus. This website will help you in making one of the most crucial decisions of your life. That is, how and where to begin the next stage of your education? In this modern age, you have no better option but to join a right institution of higher learning for your further education.

The right choice is not just about finding the courses one likes; it is also about choosing a specific program and the institution. Of course, such decision can fundamentally transform your future. In other words, it is your future that begins to unfold the moment you make this decision.

We take pride in meeting needs of both the students and the market. We seek to ensure that the process of teaching and learning at Tima’ade University culminates into development of students into well-rounded and balanced personalities with knowledge and wisdom to face the fast changing world.

I wish you a very happy future.

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