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Tima-ade University (TU) is a not-for-profit, fully accredited, coeducational institution. TU established and inaugurated on 4th November, 2009, it’s a community owned higher education entity which came into being as a direct response to a long cherished desire, on the part of the region’s community to have its own university.

TU is well known for innovation and quality in both traditional and distance education. The university serves large numbers of adult students and a growing population of traditional undergraduates. Based on fall-term enrolment as a measure, Tima-ade University is one of the institutions of higher education in Somaliland, and it lies in the western green region (Gabiley). The university awards Diploma’s and bachelor’s degrees in a wide range of fields, including business Administration, information technology, education, medicine, Agriculture, Islamic studies, and other social sciences.

Student Union TU students have an excellent opportunity to become involved in extracurricular programs. The Office encourages all students to get involved in the university community. Involvement is one of the best ways to meet other students and faculty and staff members, as well as gain valuable leadership skills. Tima-ade University has one student Union on main campus.

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Munaasibadda Qalinjabinta Jaamacadda Timacadde

August 1st, 2019 by

jaamacada tima ade Faraceeda Tog-Wajaale..

July 14th, 2019 by

Gudoomiyaha jaamacada Tima ade oo ka warbixyey xaalada guud ee jaamacadaasi x264

July 14th, 2019 by

Jaamacada Tima-Ade Oo maanta Lagu Wareejiyye Qalab caafimaad

July 14th, 2019 by

Daawo Heesta Loo Qaaday Jaamacada Timacade University Gabiley

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